Brighouse festival Case Study No. 4

Poster for Brighouse 1940’s weekend.

Steven Lord who is the owner of the Harrison Lord Art Gallery in Brighouse, West Yorkshire is also the organiser of the town’s 1940’s themed weekend held in June. He asked me if I would be interested in designing a 40’s style poster to help advertise the event.


After a few rough sketches a design was settled on and I set to work on the painting. We were planning on selling the original painting in the gallery and having it on display over the 1940’s weekend to add to the general feel of the place during the festivities when historical re–enactors would be in the town dressed in 1940s clothing. We also had the design printed on mugs, tee shirts and did a limited edition run of Giclee prints for people to buy as souvenirs.

The weekend went excellently with great weather and a fantastic turn out, AND we could have sold the original painting twice! The prints are also selling well so I’m already thinking about what to do for next year’s event!

Pictured are myself and Mr. Steven Lord holding the finished painting and a few shots of Brighouse over the weekend.

P.S. They did have a fly past from a real Spitfire but I must confess to adding this one in Photoshop! It was
a lot higher in the sky as it flew over. Due to fly regulations it had to be at least 500 feet above the ground!

Brighouse festival