Ringing For Gold commission CASE STUDY NO. 2

Peter Fawcett has recently published a book on the history of Hand-bell Ringing from 1500 to the present day and asked me to do all the artwork. This involved taking his ideas and converting them into a workable package utilising existing photographs and diagrams he had collected over the years with illustrations I did for him.

As well as the book itself all accompanying artwork for adverts, posters and banners were to produce as well. Seen here is a selection of the artwork and some visuals of the finished product which can be purchased by seeing Mr. Fawcett's website www.ringingforgold.co.uk (click here)

The book is selling well and as there is a lot of interest in Hand-Bell Ringing in Japan, a Japanese language version is already being planned.

Ringing For Gold flyer