Case Study No. 5

Umpleby’s Boiler Works illustration.

Umpleyby's Boiler Works

I’ve always been interested in history, particularly local history. I lived down Moorside in Cleckheaton for over 40 years and remember my Grandfather telling me about a place called ‘Umpleby’s Boiler Works’ which used to be at Moorbottom just down the road. When I grew up in the 60’s the place where the mill used to be was just a field and looked like it had always been that way. I just couldn’t imagine there ever having been a works there? Back in the 1980’s a friend of mine Mrs Margaret Wood wrote a book called ‘Cleckheaton in Times past’. This had a 19th century engraving of what the mill looked like. I finally decided earlier this year to have a go at re-creating what the bottom end of Moorside must have looked like around the 1880’s. I started by purchasing a reproduction ordnance survey map from the 1880’s and worked out the floor area of the boiler works building and where it stood in relation to other buildings that were around at the time. Then I re-constructed the area from a different angle by using Google earth images from today.

Here is the finished result. Posters, cards and prints are available by contacting me through this website.